Bolulu Hasan Usta, has become one of Turkey's leader brands in the field of milk desserts with its delicacies prepared with fresh and carefully selected materials since its inception in 1982 in Izmir Kemeraltı.

Today, it brings together the flavors of carefully prepared with millions on the sales points over 100 across Turkey and with stores in Cyprus, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Bahrain, with its product offerings expanded from desserts to ice cream, from breakfast group to pastries, from hot and cold drinks to coffee and chocolate group.

Bolulu Hasan Usta, adopted that the products of each of the raw material is specially obtained, to be healthy and pure as a principle, based on the principle of ''the same flavor in every store''. Bolulu Hasan Usta who developed a working system that is more comfortable and can be controlled, with this production concept, thus has offered the opportunity of a profitable investment for all partners in cooperation.

Our aim is to produce milk desserts, one of the most important values of our culture in the best way, to provide the best service in both our stores and take-aways and thus to carry this traditional value into the future in the best way.

With our brand Bolulu Hasan Usta as an investment tool and business opportunity, we are willing to work with investors that share our values, have the understanding of work with the same purpose and and target.

Why are we preferred?

  • We peak in terms of our brand and product knowledge.
  • We are working with a high profit margin.
  • We follow the incomes in a fast way with operating facility.
  • We have the largest refrigerated transport fleets in the industry. We deliver our products to the point of sale in the most convenient and healthy way.
  • We are a strong and reliable brand.
  • We are providing feedbacks for investments in the short term.
  •  We have an unending business continuity.

We continue to provide franchise with our experience we have since 1982. We hold our meetings about the franchise in our Izmir factory. At these meetings;

  • Information about profit margins,
  • Information about income-expense calculations,
  • Walking the BHI concept stores ,
  • Information about Architectural projects,
  • Information about Franchise contract terms, is given.