Bolulu Hasan Usta HR Manifest

Bolulu Hasan Usta is the short name of a long, sweet and inspiring success story, born in 1982 in a shop of 18 square meters. In this work started by only one person, today we are 1100. We are working to give the most abundant flavor with the natural materials to the millions. We are all Master Hasan committed to work.

Love the job

The first rule of working at Bolulu Hasan Usta, is to love the job. Because we started this work with faith, we are continuing with passion. Since 1982, we maintain dessert culture in this manner, as the largest representative.

To Appropriate Values

We have acquired the business of traditional milk desserts as Bolulu Hasan Usta. We know very well the importance of appropriating our values to carry the century based culture into the future, to make that one of the preferred food of new generation with its most healthy state and to spread this very special flavors of Turkish cuisine to the world.

To Be a Team Player

We do not hinder the business even though there are miles of distance between us from our factory to all of our stores. Because we are a great team that each employee knows the responsibilities and duties.

Opennes to Change and Development

Our visionary goal is to carry our business into the future as Bolulu Hasan Usta. For this, we are constantly improving ourselves to respond the needs of communities and individuals renewed in the change process in the best way. Of course, we always carry our values and the source of our business with us.

The Leadership

Our always forward notion of work, is fed from our employees' visionary and leader approach. We fed every work we do with our love and foresight, we love being responsible, consistent, amazing. Because we know that the team leadership starts first with ourselves. BOLULU HASAN USTA family, with its experience, know-how and vision, holding the privacy to be the leader of the sector, engaged in R&D activities especially to keep the milk desserts that are our traditional and healthy flavors alive, continuing to open new branches in Turkey and abroad, and the mastery and delicacy that allows anyone of any age to consume these tastes in modern cafe concept, the brand of mastership and flavor; team mates wishing to participate in this family, and that will remain faithful to the fundamental values, that will move the point of working forward, highly motivated, presentable and dynamic ...