The kitchen secret of Bolulu Hasan Usta is the milk collected daily in its purest and freshest state from our own farms and natural, pure food each coming from their own region.

Instead for explaining our rice puddings which we prepare with our fresh milk and special rice that is grounded in our own stone mills in Kastamonu and Edirne, our keşkül that enshrined in our memory with the almond of Muğla, our kazandibi with its delicious taste that makes one fall into the cauldron, making you taste them is our only concern.

Every job done with big love is beautiful. Therefore, our creme caramels prepared with ample milk and fresh eggs, our muhterika with which we bring true chocolate and creme caramel together, and our profiteroles with its delicious creme filled in its fresh paste and bitter chocolate which removes the line between dream and reality, all of them make our heart beats faster.

With a big ladle of our aşure whose pomegranate comes from Izmir Menemen, walnut from Niksar Tokat, rose water from Isparta, wheat from Gaziantep, sugar from Uşak, apricot from Malatya, sesame from Denizli and currant from Mersin, and with our güllaç that flourishes with pistachio from Gaziantep and makes the white roses in our souls bloom, we distribute the beauty of sharing and love to all hearts.

Every scoop of ice cream does not only mean fun but also health coming from fresh milk that we use abundantly. As in our desserts we also apply our principle of freshness and naturalness on our ice cream. Thus, we prepare our salep by grinding orchid roots collected meticulously in our special mills, then along with the fresh milk we add true chocolate, gum mastic from chios, pistachios, strawberries collected in season, pure black mulberry and lemons grated by skilful hands.

In brief, our entire skill in the kitchen is hidden in our fresh milk, products each of whom comes from its hometown, our naturalness, our love for our work and our mastership...