Bolunu Hasan Usta that is the market leader in its category in Turkey, introducing our desserts and ice creams that are our traditional flavor with opening stores abroad, is taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand by making the world's countries to taste this unique flavor of which raw material is our basic nutrient milk.

Why we are preferred;

  • We follow the incomes in a fast way with operating facility.
  • We are a strong and reliable brand.
  • We are providing feedbacks for investments in the short term.
  • We have all quality certificates including halal food certificate.
  • We have an unending business continuity.

By year 2015, with our Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic, Dubai, Abu dhabi, Bahrain which will be opened by making agreements in the second quarter of 2015, Qatar stores, it proudly represents our country while maintaining the same flavor and the same service, and as in Turkey without compromising quality.
In our interviews with our foreign investors;

  • Information about profit margins,
  • Information about income and expenditure calculations,
  • Walking the BHI concept stores ,
  • Information about Architectural projects,
  • Information about Master Franchise contract terms, is given.

As a result of positive discussions, by taking into consideration the consumption habits of the country will be invested, with the fund of knowledge, industry experience we have and with the combining of the valuable ideas of our franchisee, the right stores are opened in the correct location.

Bolulu Hasan Usta decoration concept is applied by convenient stores projected in the locations identified with our Master franchisee, with the inventory stock from Turkey, to preserve the originals.

Bolulu Hasan Usta, with continuous self renewal, aims to open stores soon in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Azarbaijan, Kuwait, Russia, Oman.

Bolulu Hasan Usta, is taking firm steps towards becoming a global brand by delivering dairy desserts which serve as healthy snack and consumed with pleasure for everyone, incloding children and elderly, to all generations with the same quality and devotion.