Master Hasan of Bolu began his journey by selling his famous milk desserts that he makes from natural milk. He found the freshest natural milk which instantly reminds us of our childhood in green fields, farms. He gave his days, years and added his mastership to his desserts. He combined the most abundant milk, chocolate and taste with the best ingredients. BHU grew in time and became a brand that everyone knows.

With more than 100 branches, all of the products of BHU from dessert to pastry, ice cream to chocolate are taking their place on thousands of tables in turkey and the world. Since the day BHU was founded, it has never given up using abundant milk, natural ingredients and protecting the recipe of taste which it discovered.


Starting production with keşkül, oven-cooked rice pudding, black mulberry juice and black mulberry ice cream in 1982 in a little shop with 18 square metres in Kemeraltı, Bolulu Hasan Usta established the first dessert fabric of Turkey in İzmir Atatürk Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, 1997.

Setting off with the purpose of distributing our traditional milk desserts in the world and fulfilling its first export by opening shops in Dubai and Abu Dabi in 2012, Bolulu Hasan Usta continued to maintain its openings in overseas by setting up new shops in Qatar,Kuwait, Bahrain and Cyprus in 2015. Giving importance to franchising negotiations from Saudia Arabia to Kazakhstan, from Russia to Kuwait, Turkey's master of desserts proceeds delightfully in the way of becoming a world brand.


To provide our customers Turkey's traditional milk desserts whose production is done in modern facilities by using the most abundant, freshest and most natural ingredients, also to contribute to the role of milk dessert in healthy diet.


To raise new generations with our healthy and delicious products coming from the kitchen of Bolulu Hasan Usta and also to carry our brand, this valuable culture into the future as the most important representative of milk desserts in the world.